I really hate going to the dentist. I mean really really hate it. That is untill I started going to Dr. Nebrig. Everyone is the office is very friendly and do thier best to amke you feel comfortable. Aspecial shout out to Barclay, my Hygentist. She always makes sure I am comfortable and Frequently check to see if I'm doing okay. Dr. Nebrig always comes in with a smile. He takes the time to check everything out and make sure you are doing well. If you are looking for a family freindly dental practice, look no firther. Nothing personal to Dr. Nebrig or his staff, but I still don't like going to the dentist. they made it less stressful for me though!

-Debbie C.

I don't like going to many dental practices. Okay, I have only liked one in my life. But I have another to add to the list and send it to the top. ALL the people are nice, friendly--not a single sourpuss in the mix. I felt cared for, like a positive experience for me was as important as maintaining my teeth. Things were explained well, with pictures and video even! My choices were recognized and respected (except for the no drilling part, lol) Rather than looking at a 20 page treatment plan, we were able to break it down and I prioritized what would be done, and what could be left aside. And Dr. Nebrig looks like Mathew Gruber from Criminal Minds, you know, the super smart, cute one!

-Julie C.

Me and my two children have been going here for a few years now. I have not heard them complain at all about anything, and I have never had a complaint. This is the best dentist I have ever been to. It is a small dentist office where they know you by name and not by a number. They do not even have a clipboard to sign your name on, I love this!!(they sign you in as you walk in to the front counter). Every person there, whether in the office or hands on is patient and courteous.

-Wendi B.

You are the absolute best dentist I have ever had. The entire experience is absolute first class, from the friendliness and talent of the staff to the warmth and comfort of the office decor.

-Sandra B.

As a new patient I was amazed at the level of generosity and customer service. I really enjoyed the music during my treatment. I look forward to my next appointment.

-Danyel H.

I have six children, and have been to numerous Dentists on the Eastern shore some even titled as pediatric dentists. There is NO place I would rather my little ones and older children be seen than Southern Dentistry. It's an amazing feeling to be a family with 6 children and it seem like a treat to go to the Dentist. When most days it seems like a chore just to load the car to leave the house, my children are asking if we can go to the dentist months before their even due. WONDERFUL PRACTICE!

-Brooklyn S.

If you're looking for just a dentist go somewhere else. This place makes you feel like family. I've never actually looked forward to going to the dentist until I went to Southern Dentistry. Now I can't wait for my 6 month check up. They greet you by name when you walk in the door and are genuinely happy to see you. Barely any wait time and then when you do go back they turn on the massage chair. And are very quick and painless. They talk to you and get to know you. The dentist himself is absolutely wonderful. Everyone in there seems to genuinely enjoy their job and that makes all the difference in the world!

- Victoria K.

How would you rate the welcome you received when you came to Southern Dentistry?
How can we make you feel more welcome when you come see us next time?
Good job now. I always appreciate the smile and "hello" I receive.
How would you rate the clinical care that you received at Southern Dentistry?
Who was the employee that you spent the most time with?
How can we make you feel more comfortable during your treatment next time?
You are doing a god job. I just don't "enjoy" a visit to dentist :)
Did you have to wait past your appoitment time to be seated? If so, how long?
- C. Sandra

Highly recommend! Very good Dentist! Front office people, hygienists and dental assistants are very friendly and they all do their jobs really well!!!

Excellent Dentist, very friendly staff. They do great work and make you feel comfortable every visit. - J. Spicer

Southern Dentistry is so great. They are helpful, accommodating, friendly, and caring. They definitely take care of you, and I would recommend Dr. Nebrig to anyone! - C. Goins

Excellent dentist and office staff. Always top notch. Been going here for a few years now. No surprises on the billing and insurance side and Dr. Nebrig is the best we have found. The crown work is done in house and everything is quick turnaround. - H. Brown

I love everyone at Souther Dentistry. Great experience. I especially love the little things that makes this office unique. Thank you for being the last office I'll ever go to. Love you guys! - M.K.

Very happy with this dentist

I’ve never had a bad experience at this dentist

Love Southern Dentistry!

They are helpful and compassionate

The moment you walk in, Diane greets you with a smile! Short wait time, caring and top notch dentistry. Highly recommend Dr Nebrig and Staff - Jamie M.

From the front staff to the hygienist to the dentist. Southerm Dentistry makes your time and comfort it’s main priority. Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. The office is clean, nicely decorated, and you even get the option of your own choice of music from Pandora while youre in the dentist’s chair. What a nice touch! I really appreciate the email updates and reminders so I can keep my pearly whites clean! - Maggie W.

Love the dentist and staff. I always have a good experience at this office. Everyone is very friendly, kind and knowledgeable. I always feel comfortable and welcomed at this dental office. Please do not change anything. - Tiffany K.

Love this office! I have now had work done by both Dr.’s and they were both excellent! Awesome office! - Julie K.

Dr. Shane did an awesome job. So did his assistant and hygienist!!! I don’t remember the assistants name. She was new, but did an amazing job! - Katherine Y.

Love this practice!!! I'm so happy I chose Southern Dentistry!!! They're wonderful!!! - Kelly J.

I was in a hurry at the time of my last appointment and the staff hurried to help me meet my schedule but did not diminish my cleaning at all. Great attitude! - Jason C.

I can’t think of anything! My experience was great. Stacey made me feel so at ease! She was awesome!! - R. Cline

I had a wonderful experience even though I was getting a root canal. Stacey and Dr. Nebrig made me feel so comfortable.

I LOVE Southern Dentistry!! - C. Miller

Best dentist ever - O. Brown

Awesome Dentistry - J. Murrill

I can’t remember either hygienist’s names, but both young ladies were terrific with their… - M. Bartle

I had several hygienist they were all great!! - K. Rosenfeldt

Be happy; all is well - J. Nordling

Excellent service every time I have an appointment - N. Jones

Every single visit is absolutely wonderful, really. Everyone there makes you feel really special - W. Petty

I always get really nervous about dentist visits, but the staff there is great and make me feel at ease. Very happy with Dr Nebrig and staff :)

Always a great experience. - Stacy B.
I have had quite a bit of things done lately and the staff is always there to comfort me. I feel like part of the family.
Thanks for everything guys! - Bridgett C.

Friendly, knowledgeable staff who always takes excellent care of all patients to make sure they are comfortable during the treatment process. Love my new crowns. Great work. - Ruth S.

Love the vibrating chair and pillow! - Charlene J.

Had 3 fillings done and I explained my anxiety towards dental work and they kept me very comfortable through my treatment. - Sherri E.

Growing up with a fear of the dentist (pain), I have been greatly impressed with the understanding and care from Southern Dentistry. - Lawrence R.

Excellent Dentistry!! The best experience I ever had at a dentist. Thank you! - Melissa D.

I always have a great experience and the staff is wonderful and I would highly recommend ya'll ! - Tonya G.

I recently had a terrible toothache. When I called the office they worked me right in. I was given medication then went home. The next day the pain was so unbearable that I called them and was told come right then. A 3 hour procedure was performed, the doctor and his staff stayed after hours to complete the procedure. I had been planning a trip for the weekend and after I left the office I was on my way, pain free!
Thanks for the wonderful customer service!! - B.Bonke

I had a few procedures done a few days ago. I have a terrible Dentist phobia. The Dr. and staff were wonderful. Everything went GREAT! I would recommend them to anyone...especially the people that are chicken to go to the Dentist! - Kelly J.

I avoided visiting a dentist for eleven years because my last experience with one was horrible and left me with a huge fear of dental work. Dr. Nebrig's amazing team has changed that and I am unmeasurably grateful. I can't imagine having an easier or more comfortable time getting my teeth fixed. It's not at all unpleasant at Southern Dentistry. Everyone is gentle, caring, and very good at what they do. I'm so, so, so glad I decided to come here. They make me feel safe and valued and thanks to them, my smile is something I am proud of. :-) - Candace F.

Amazing Experience!!! I never dreamed going to the dentist would be this pleasant. The entire staff was amazing! And they even gave me flowers from the doctor and staff when I left! JUST WOW!- Shari N.

VERY HAPPY!! Best Dentist office I ever went to !!!!!!! - Kelly J.

Southern Dentistry is awesome! I am not a fan of going to get my teeth/mouth worked on but everyone at Southern Dentistry makes it relaxing and comfortable to go do something I generally do not enjoy! - Patricia H.

It is enjoyable to visit Dr. Nebrig and his stafff. There is no wait time and the dental rooms are state of the art which makes it very comfortable. They even include your favorite station on Pandora. Dr. Nebrig and his staff are not only state of the art professionals, but just as importantly, real friends, fun and caring! This is the only dental office I actually do not dread! - Linda B.

I am afraid of dentists, having been hurt by so many. I have to say that even spending all day in his chair, I was still happy to return! He has a staff that excellent is a severe understatement for. He is kind and genuinely cares about you and your comfort. He has even gone out of his way to make sure that I was handling post dental work well by personally calling me to check if I was having any problems. I will gladly refer anyone to him, even my own mother and my children (when old enough). These guys (or ladies) are the BEST! - Chuck K.

The best dentist I've ever used.

I trust the Doc and his staff, very knowledgeable and friendly.

How can we make you feel more welcome when you come see us next time? That would be hard to do, just keep up the positive environment you currently have.

You all were very aware of my comfort levels (or uncomfortable levels) and made sure to ask me often how I was.

How can we make you feel more welcome when you come see us next time? Nothing, everything was great!

I have been seeing Dr. Nebrig and his wonderful staff for about 3 years and my teeth are the healthiest they have been since childhood. Unfortunately I lost a few along the way, but Dr. Nebrig had the answer for that too - Snap-On Smile, and I love it! I was so afraid of dentists that I avoided them until I had no choice but to go. But from my first visit with Dr. Nebrig I became braver and braver. And I have had just about every potentially painful procedure possible at their dental office - with painless, glowing results! I love them all and actually enjoy my visits. You would have never convinced me of that fact before the first time I stepped through their door. If you are afraid, or have extensive work to be done, I beg you to do yourself a favor and go to Southern Dentistry! I am sooo glad I did!"

Dr. Nebrig and his entire staff have always been so prompt, courteous, and very professional. I've always felt like the entire office value me as a person and patient.

Everyone was so nice and really went out of their way to make sure I experienced as little discomfort as possible.

Everyone is so nice. I used to be terrified to go to the dentist, now I almost fall asleep in the chair because I am so relaxed. Thank you so much for your continued kindness and compassion.

I am a military family member who needed a cleaning prior to transfer, it was the first time I needed a dentist in this area. They were very accommodating and helpful. The cleaning was amazing, and I need a mouth appliance. They sent the package overnight, so the company could construct my appliance and return it prior to leaving the state. They had it back the day the mover's showed up - just as promised!

Great job. Doctor a true rock star !!!

I would highly recommend Southern Dentistry! Dr. Nebrig and his staff are very nice and professional. I would rate my experience an A+!!! I have nothing negative to say about my visit.

I like the staff and very pleased with the service.

Awesome staff and dentist. Definitely five stars.

Been seeing Dr. Nebrig and his outstanding staff for 4 years. I totally trust this Dr. and everyone that works with him. They treat you right, get ya in and fixed up in a timely manner and listen to any questions and concerns you may have. Nothing but good things to say from me, and I am picky!

"Going to the dentist is never an exciting trip but, the friendliness and positive spirit of the staff makes you feel at ease and very comfortable. I would definitely and do recommend this dentist and his staff. " - Alexandra F.

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