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stacey.jpgSometimes, a tooth has a cavity that is so large that a simple filling is not the correct treatment option. At other times, a tooth may be missing and a bridge may be needed to replace a missing tooth. Whether it is determined if you need a crown or bridge, rest assured, the doctors at Southern Dentistry will educate you on your treatment options and inform you so that you can make the proper choice to restore your oral health.

A crown is a permanent restoration that covers your natural tooth after it is been affected with large amounts of decay, breaks/fractures. It is designed to look and function like your natural tooth did before it was damaged. Crowns are also placed routinely on teeth that have had root canal (endodontic treatment) to provide the tooth with the needed support and structure to function normally again. Dental studies have shown that it is very important to place a crown on a tooth following normally again. Dental studies have shown that it is very important to place a crown on a tooth following a root canal, and the sooner the better. In fact, root canal treated teeth that receive crowns within the first month of root canal treatment have the highest long term success ratel.

So why do you need a crown instead of a filling?

Teeth can be broken or severely cracked

Cosmetic reasons, such as misaligned or malshaped teeth

A tooth that has a large amalgam (silver metal) or tooth colored filling that has weakened the tooth structure that remains

Large cavities

Root canal treated teeth

Teeth that have permanent staining or discoloration

Is a dental crown the best option for you? Give us a call at 251-621-1301 and make an appointment so that we can provide an exam to you and inform you of your options.

We proudly offer dental crowns at our convenient location in Daphne, AL. A Dental Crown is a popular cosmetic procedure that can benefit many people who are suffering from a variety of teeth appearance problems and structural flaws including chipped teeth, cracked teeth; discolored, stained, large gaps, receding gum and decaying teeth